Large and structural wall crack repairs carried out in as little as a day

External wall cracks aren’t just unsightly, they’re often the warning sign of serious and ongoing structural damage that shouldn’t be ignored. A zig-zag/stepped crack, horizontal crack, articulation joint crack, corner crack or vertical/diagonal crack in your brick wall indicates that your property structure is compromised, so it’s important to organise wall crack repairs as soon as possible.

We provide nationwide service including areas most susceptible to cracks in walls:

Perth: With variable soils, subsidence can be a significant issue in Perth.

Adelaide: Many of Adelaide’s buildings sit on concrete slabs or concrete strip footings.

Melbourne, Ballarat, Albury, Bendigo, Geelong, Warrnambool, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Traralgon, Sale, Horsham, Mildura: Victorian houses are often built on concrete, so movement can result in cracks in walls.

Hobart and Launceston: Tasmania’s shifting soils are subject to subsidence, creating cracks in walls and ceilings.

Sydney: Cracks in walls in old houses appear because drought followed by heavy rain in Sydney causes unstable soils and subsidence.

Newcastle and Cardiff: Long dry periods followed by heavy wet periods cause unstable soils, and this was made worse by Newcastle’s famous earthquake.

Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast: Sandy soils make for unstable foundations, creating a need for re-levelling and underpinning.

Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Far North Queensland: Ongoing periods of rain and drought make soils unstable, requiring homes to be re-levelled.

Common causes of wall cracks: when to worry

There are a few main causes of wall cracks including natural and man-made causes. Soil types, invasive tree roots, footing systems, extreme or seasonal weather, excess water, and renovation or construction are all common risks for wall cracks. Cracks in house walls, including a vertical crack in the corner of a wall or a horizontal crack in a wall must be treated promptly.

If left untreated, the structure is at risk of further damage, devaluating the property, allowing water damage, and even causing the structure to collapse. Mainmark knows how to fix large cracks in walls, as well as cracks in walls and ceilings.

Don’t hesitate, subsidence related problems don’t resolve themselves. Speak to the industry experts.

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