Governments and councils are responsible for a broad range of public buildings, hospitals, schools and educational institutions as well as public infrastructure such as roads, bridges underground pipes and other public utilities.

Mainmark has a range of solutions to help government and councils remediate and maintain public buildings and infrastructure requiring ground improvement, void filling, structural monitoring and even liquefaction mitigation.

Our ground strengthening and foundation improvement solutions help address weak and unstable ground which can cause serious structural damage.

Mainmark can:

Lift buildings and minimise foundation movement using our proprietary Teretek resin injection solution, a viable and cost effective alternative to traditional and expensive underpinning Our JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting can also be used to remediate large complex structures, such as multi-storey facilities, using computer-controlled cement grout injection.

Fill large holes and large voids under buildings and public infrastruture, which can accelerate ground subsidence, using Terefil, our advanced engineered lightweight cementitious fill.

Achieve ground improvement to strengthen the ground beneath sinking buildings, lift structures and remediate earthquake liquefaction without compromising structural integrity.

Conduct slab lift, slab raising and slab re-levelling to remove trip hazards and water ponding.

Strengthen and stabilise weak ground to make public buildings, footpaths and traffic infrastructure safer by addressing structural damage caused by subsidence or ground movement, and to prevent further damage.

Provide anti-corrosion and waterproof coatings to public infrastructure such as pipes, water tanks and sewerage treatment plants.

Areas of service include:

We're happy to have helped

A freshwater treatment plan at Glen Innes, New South Wales, required a long-term asset preservation solution to reline three filtre ponds and a clarifier tank.

“Mainmark was very professional while working on site in Glen Innes. The quality of their workmanship and products became more and more evident as the project progressed. We’re extremely happy with the end result”.

Glen Innes Severn Council

A school in Christchurch, New Zealand required ground remediation to address earthquake liquefaction and subsidence following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.

“significantly reduced the chance of liquefaction or settlement of this building in future earthquakes.”

School in Christchurch

Mainmark solves problems in government and council assets

Mainmark’s ground strengthening and ground improvement solutions to help government and council authorities address a range of underlying issues impacting buildings and infrastructure due to weak ground or unstable ground, large holes and large voids, subsidence, and earthquake liquefaction.

Mainmark also provides innovative structural monitoring and asset preservation solutions to help extend the life of government and council buildings including infrastructure.

Success Story:

Mainmark participates in revetment and retaining wall stabilisation trials at Raby Bay

Mainmark collaborated with a Brisbane council regarding a solution to help with canal and revetment wall Mainmark undertook a series of ground improvement and ground stabilisation trials using Teretek resin injection. These trials have successfully delivered a long-term solution to address the unstable canals and revetments.

Success Story:

Terefil® Used to Address Black Mould at Tasmanian High School

A high school in Tasmania had growing concerns about water ingress in the subfloor space causing black mould as it could exacerbate asthma and allergies. Terefil was chosen to seal the decontaminated soil before other construction works could begin.

Success Story:

Bespoke Teretek® Solution Stabilises Prestigious Federation Mall Bridges at Australia’s Parliament House

During a routine bridge inspection, Forcecor, identified ground settlement issues beneath the bridge approach slabs and adjacent roadways on Federation Mall that lead to the iconic Parliament House, Canberra. Teretek was used to fill underground voids under the bridge slabs and maximise ground support.

Success Story:

Teretek® Delivers Ground Stabilisation Solution for Hard to Reach Foundations at Melbourne Hospital Campus

The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Building 26 showed signs of structural movement and differential settlement. Mainmark was approached to treat the underlying subsidence before commencement of renovations to the hospital. Teretek was identified as an ideal solution due to its non-invasive, cost effective and efficient process compared with traditional concrete underpinning which would require extensive excavation, creating major disruption to the hospital’s daily operations.

Problems we solve

Icon1_Sinking Floors

Sinking Floors

Solutions for building subsidence

Icon2_Cracked Walls

Cracked Walls

Solutions for sinking foundations

Icon3_Unlevel Buildings

Unlevel Buildings

Solutions for week ground / subsidence

Icon4_Ground Instability

Weak and Unstable Ground

Solutions for shifting ground / erosion


Holes and Voids

Solutions for deep cracks and crevices


Earthquake Damage

Liquefaction mitigation / ground strengthening