Using proven ground engineering and asset rehabilitation techniques, councils and other asset owners can extend the life of public assets and eliminate the need for replacement.

Mainmark offers a range of advanced, environmentally-inert solutions that significantly reduce capital works expenditure and improve public safety.

We repair assets for electricity, gas, waste management, and telecommunication providers, as well as water authorities. Our methods are fast and clean. They don’t usually require excavation, so disruption is kept to a minimum and worksites are left in their original state. Depending on project requirements, sites can often be returned to full operation within a matter of hours.

Strengthen ground and re-level public infrastructure

Mainmark’s injection technologies are cost-effective, non-invasive methods for re-levelling, re-supporting buildings and on-ground structures of all sizes. We offer resin injection and grouting solutions for compacting and strengthening ground to raise structures and stabilise lose soil.

Success Story:

Raising the bar in ground engineering innovation

Awarded International Project of the Year at the 2016 Ground Engineering Awards in the UK, Mainmark re-levelled and re-supported the 33,000 tonne Christchurch Art Gallery after the earthquakes of 2010/11. The project was completed in just 52 days using Jet Grouting and JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting.

Success Story:

Keeping power stations up and running

After a mains pipe had ruptured three metres beneath the concrete floor at an electric utility power station, water damage had caused the ground to weaken and the power plant’s 60-tonne cranes were unable to enter the site for routine maintenance. Mainmark used Uretek resin injection to fill the voids and compact the sub-base, consolidating the area and sealing the flooring quickly and economically. The power station continued to operate throughout the project.

Fill voids

Success Story:

Returning a fatal weir to safety.

Mainmark applied Terefil to fill a dangerous void at a weir in South Dubbo that had been the site of nine fatalities since its construction in 1942. The void needed to be filled to restore structural integrity to its apron, creating a shallower and less turbulent pool of water. Mainmark successfully filled the void within three days, working around heavy water flow.

Rehabilitate ageing assets

Success Story:

Rehabilitating a steel pipe under three factories with no excavation

Mainmark successfully rehabilitated a two-millimetre thick galvanised steel drainage pipe that was heavily corroded and had collapsed under heavy traffic from the factories located above it. Structural expanding resin was first injected to re-align and structurally support the pipe, and then ENCAP6 was applied to rehabilitate it. This method eliminated the need for expensive excavation, renewal, or diversion of the drain, delivering significant cost savings for the council.

Stabilise ground

Success Story:

Rehabilitation of Stormwater Chamber

A stormwater pit and embankment in Gardyne Street, Bronte, New South Wales, was experiencing structural problems due to the ageing infrastructure. Storms and malfunctioning plumbing mains had caused a large area of road to collapse and subside. An adjacent house had also experienced settlement because of the erosion. Mainmark successfully addressed the structural and ground stability issues faced by the council in just two weeks.