Mainmark’s ground engineering and asset preservation solutions are designed to re-support or rehabilitate civil infrastructure to enhance the safety and stability of ports, rail, roads, and other public infrastructure.

Ground subsidence, deteriorating concrete and steel infrastructure, and broken pipelines can cause dangerous public safety issues and expensive damage to public utilities and infrastructure.

We use cutting-edge technologies that resolve infrastructure issues with minimal disruption and downtime. Mainmark’s solutions are environmentally inert and designed for fast, easy application.

We can:

  • Re-support and re-level large, complex public infrastructure using the award-winning JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting technique
  • Raise, re-level and re-support public road and rail infrastructure using our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution
  • Fill large underground holes and voids quickly and cost-effectively with Terefil, our advanced engineered light-weight cementitious fill
  • Compact and stabilise slopes and embankments to control erosion and provide safer site access using Permeation Grouting
  • Improve and strengthen foundations of large public buildings using Jet Grouting
  • Protect, seal, and revitalise concrete and steel assets using ENCAP6, an innovative spray-on corrosion protection solution
  • Renew damaged high pressure water, oil, gas, or chemical pipelines, or provide protection for existing ones, using Primus Line trenchless flexible hose technology
  • Rehabilitate and renew high-traffic and chemically-affected concrete slabs and road areas using Ultra-Panels, abrasion-resistant and durable pre-cast ultra-high performance concrete slabs
  • Revitalise, seal, protect and structurally reinforce ageing or damaged buildings and infrastructure including tunnels, shafts, basements and underground carparks impacted by weak ground and water ingress using Specialised Resins, Gels and Coatings

Areas of service include:

We're happy to have helped

“Job done and a fantastic result was achieved. Credit to your team, they did an amazing job.”

Adam, Tempe, NSW. August 2018

“Absolutely delighted with work. Team very considerate, great team nothing was a problem. Kept us informed all the way.”

Barry, Kaikoura, Christchurch, NZ. September 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff. The project could have seriously impacted upon the business of the motel. Your solution to the structural problem of the pool slab resulted in a minimal intrusion to the business. The works were completed as per your stated timelines and your consideration of the guests as to when to commence and complete the works was greatly appreciated. You and your staff were both professional and polite, you left the site in pristine condition without a single drop of product to be found. Thank you for your prompt and professional work.”

Helen, Burwood, VIC. February 2017

Mainmark solves problems in civil infrastructure and utilities

Mainmark provides proven ground engineering and asset preservation solutions to solve problems with stormwater drains, pipes, culverts, manholes, water infrastructure, wet wells, lift stations, chemical bunds, tanks, concrete walls and roads, land slips and erosion, and electricity infrastructure. We have:

  • provided viable, lasting, and cost-effective rehabilitation of more than 150 concrete manholes and access chambers in the city of Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia using ENCAP6.
  • used resin injection methods to re-stabilise the ground beneath a fully-operation power station, providing safe access to 60-tonne cranes for routine maintenance.
  • successfully upgraded a leaking 3.8 metre water pipe in Lismore in just two days using Primus Line trenchless technology, which extended its service life by up to 50 years.

Problems we solve

Icon1_Sinking Floors

Sinking Structures

Solutions for building subsidence

Icon4_Ground Instability

Weak and Unstable Ground

Solutions for shifting ground / erosion


Holes and Voids

Solutions for deep cracks and crevices


Earthquake Damage

Liquefaction mitigation / ground strengthening